Has Your Dog Ever Had a Tail Injury?


Tail injuries can be common accidents with our companion animals, especially in overzealous happy dogs with wagging tails. Sometimes the tips of the tails may become ulcerated, which may result in excessive bleeding. Traumatic injury is fairly common, which can lead to a great deal of pain and secondary infection, as tails may be stepped on by accident, or closed in doors inadvertently.

“Limber Tail” is a disorder of the muscles of the tail that most commonly occurs in sporting or working dogs, especially after heavy exercise or swimming. Affected pets experience much pain at the base of the tail, where this syndrome can be recognized by a very flaccid tail, or a tail that is held horizontally for a few inches and then drops vertically. Bite wounds of the tail may occur in both dogs and cats, and often require immediate veterinary attention.

Because the tails have a rich supply of blood vessels and nerves, pets with tail injuries are often extremely painful. I have found the homeopathic remedies Arnica and hypericum quite helpful in pets with such injuries. The combination homeopathic remedy traumeel may also be useful. Bandaging of the tail may be necessary, as well as antibiotics and prescription anti-inflammatory medication. In dogs with tail tip ulceration and bleeding, healing may be difficult, often requiring partial amputation of the tail.


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