Updated Announcement About Rehoming Cats

I am no longer accepting cats for rehoming.
Shelters are inundated with cats and kittens all year long.
They have to vet them, fix them and tirelessly find homes for them.
They spend tremendous amounts of time, their own money and pieces of their heart.
What the public doesn’t see is the tens of hundreds of calls and request one rescue gets in a day.
That means a shelter is trying to re home dozens of cats at one time and the outlook is bleak.
The best thing a person can do is:
1. do not get a cat unless you will keep it lifelong.
2. spay/neuter and vet your cat.
3. if you must rehome a cat, go to Petfinder.com, click on the shelters and rescues tab, right side is ‘find pet adoption groups’, put in zip code, then start calling and emailing down the list. Have a paragraph and pictures ready to send them.
~my heart can only take so much.
I am still very much willing to cross post your animals on Fb and Petfinders and will help you succeed in rehoming as much as I can.


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