Contact Us

Please call for a ‘Meet and Greet’/Consult appointment where I come to your house and meet you and your pets, discuss services, fees and fill out paperwork.

This meeting should last approximately 45 minutes…….

My Phone number is 253-224-9005

Business phone hours are 9 am to 6 pm

Meet and Greet appointments can be scheduled up to 8 pm.


Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or leave comment below.

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6 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Are you able to take care of a Rooster? I have a beautiful Red rooster (and two hens) that we occasionally need a sitter for. How far would you travel? 😉

  2. I have a male schnauzer/yorkie neutered dog and have used a boarding kennel in the past but felt odd about that. I would like to know if you care for dogs at your home? I am going out of town for 5 days in November-12th to the 16th- and cannot take the little guy. I think he would be too lonely at home by himself that long even with a visitor. He is a big baby and he is such alittle lap dog and just loves attention. Let me know what my options might be-I live in Tacoma close to the 6th Ave district-98405. thank you so much- Marian

    ~~Marian, i sent you an e-mail. Kristina

  3. I live in the 98407 area code near Point Defiance Park. I am looking for someone to feed my kitties over the Christmas holiday. Do you work in this area? I need to plan ahead and need someone I can trust. Thank you.
    ~~Hi, I sent you an e-mail today.

  4. Hello.
    I’m not sure who to address. Is the owner Kristina? Anyhow, I was wondering how long has, “Kristina’s Critter Care,” been in business?
    Also, are you/she the only one that cares for the pet’s?
    When you do overnights, what are your approximate arrival and departure times?
    I’m trying to figure out the options for my dog and two cats, if I leave this summer. I appreciate your reply.
    PS Do you charge more per pet?
    ~Please check your e-mail Leslie, i contacted you there! Thanks for looking at my site!

  5. Happy Holidays! Do you offer dog walking/sitting services in the Northeast Tacom/Dash Point area. I am bringing home a puppy in February and am planning ahead!

    Happy New Year!
    Yes we do, Sharon, please give me a call and we can set up an appt!

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