Fees & Services

As of 2012 all pets will have shots, kennel cough vaccine and flea treatment before I can take care of them. My concern is for my other clients.

Rabies shot will be mandatory in the state of Washington, so I will ask for confirmation of that

[a simple form that can be printed out at your vet] 

Dog Walking:

walking dog on leash, dog must have current license on collar, picking up dog waste, treat given after walk [with owner approval] First 2 dogs included in this price.

1/2 hour: $18: this is minimum charge for UP TO 30 minutes.

1 hour:  $30


Pet Sitting: Visit to home to check on pet, water, feed, potty, scoop, play with and/or exercise. Example: if you have a new puppy or kitten that needs extra attention or you are away from house for extended time

1/2 hour: $18: this is minimum charge for UP TO 30 minutes.


Pet sitting with vacation home care: all of above plus pick-up mail, water plants, retrieve mail, check perimeter and change lights, move garbage cans if needed. If owner is gone for more than 1 night, I request 2 visits per day [if no overnight accommodations]

1/2 hour: $18

1 hour or 2  ~ 1/2 hour visits: $30


Pet Excursion: I can provide transportation to vet or groomer for your pet during the hours you may not be able to.  Will transport in my car with your kennel or mine. I would assume here that a vet visit will be at least an hour. We can discuss any other fee or service when you make appt.  Will need to fill out appropriate medical release forms.

1 hour: $30


Home Care without pet care: Check perimeter and doors,  retrieve mail, move garbage cans, change lights, water plants, etc.

15 minute visit: $15: this is minimum charge for UP TO 15 minutes.


I accept cash or check, and with half up front until established customer.

Return Check Charge: 35$


Please Click HERE to pay by credit or debit card, you will be directed to Paypal and use kristinascrittercare@yahoo.com