Testimonies & Clients

One of my best testimonies come from my beautiful spoiled pets:

This is our shelter pup, Anna Bella. She is a cockapoo mix and light of her daddy’s eye. Loves walks and chasing squirrels. She has taken the Delta test and is a AKC Canine Good Citizen. She attends church functions and is the unofficial mascot of our neighborhood.
This is Joe Joe, here is our Rez dog, we adopted him from the Yakama Indian Reservation in 2012. He is my little love bucket.


Those ears

Those ears

 This is Lydia, she is a terrier, terror terrier, with a ball in her mouth 24-7. Adopted from the humane society and her nickname is Monkey.
Lydia, terrier mix, 2 years old

Lydia, terrier mix, 2 years old

This is Priscilla, our Juliana/potbelly/mini/teacup pig. 160 pounds of pure mischief.



and as of 2014 our farm now includes 2 goats, Piper and Tabitha

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Some other Clients:


I don’t remember how I heard about Kristina , but when I called her, it didn’t seem her services matched my unique needs . She invited me to befriend her on FB. Later, I needed some day care services for my sweet Too Bird, Moxie, and even though she typically does dogs and cats, she was willing to give my Bird a try. They became good friends, even though the Mister has snipped at her a couple of times. She was also willing to give them a home a few days when I went out of town! The birds even had their own room! Kristina is an amazing person with a loving, kind heart. Her family is a blast and her knitters are wonderful and sweet, most definitely family. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for reliable and loving protective care for their beloved pets.

~KJ Stevens


Menza and Coco:  10733976_405015916344032_70927248295820713_n 13882487_562276973951258_6833741911959492084_n

Kristina was a godsend. We had adopted a lab mix who had issues about going into a place that had other animals. I believe she thought she was going back to the pound when all i was doing was taking her to be groomed. Going to the vet for boarding was out of the question. Wash the dog recommended her. Now Menza is gone but we have Coco. I hate leaving my fur baby but some places she just can’t come (NY). I don’t worry at all with Kristina around.

~Paige L

Austin the Mastiff

Kristina is reliable, flexible and most important cares about your pet as if it was her own.  Austin looks forward to his walks with Kristina. ~Steve and Robert



Mia and Pia 

“When I initially met Kristina knew she was the right person for the job, just by her personality and down to earth attitude.  Can really tell she cares deeply about all animals, especially the pets under her care.  Had her watch my two cats while out of the country for close to a week and had no qualms with leaving them in her care.  She gave me updates as necessary and kept a daily log on anything that she did, even getting rid of the used kitty litter for me!  I plan on using her service every time that I can when have to leave town for overnight or longer.  Thank you again Kristina’s Critter Care!!!” ~Richard


Gus, Gizmo and Chester Chester is a rough coated Jack Russell, Gus and Gizmo are papillons.
Their momma is a teacher and I walk them every day for her.

“Kristina was referred to me by a long-time trusted friend. Her complete confidence has proven to be well placed. Kristina has been doing a great job with my 3 dogs (not an easy task!) for several months now. She has never missed a day, and does a great job. I could not be happier.”

and on 8/2014:

“Kristina is never, ever, EVER allowed to retire! I’d be lost without her! She treats “the boys” as if they were her own. I can totally depend on her. She pays attention to subtle changes in their health and habits which is important as a dog ages. Rain or shine she is here!”

Karen B.


Ellie B.


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How does a loving pet parent select a caregiver for that pet? The important qualifications might look like those we see in Kristina Pasquan. I can think of no simpler way to list those, than to tell our story.

Our very young Labradoodle, Ellie, met Kristina before we knew Kristina well. We knew nothing of her pet care business at that time. But Ellie and we knew right away Kristina was a good friend. She showed unusual affection for our dog, so we felt secure in asking her to care for Ellie when we were in a bind. After watching how lovingly she cared for Ellie in her home and fenced yard, and how meticulously clean she and her family keep their property, we were convinced of her personal credentials for this work. Then we learned how she and her son volunteer to help shelter and adoption pets while they wait for a forever home. This love for needy animals has carried Kristina right into the role of adoptive parent for some of these pets.

I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Kristina Pasquan and Critter Care. She has our highest recommendation for pet care in our home or hers. We are delighted to have her on our short list of best pet partners.”

Sally B


Tadpole C.4869408569_879922ce55_m

“Tadpole, our mini poodle, normally travels with us in our motor home.  In August, we flew back East to a family reunion and Kristina jumped right in to help us out and ease our concern of leaving him for the first time.  When we returned she had our picky eater on a feeding schedule and the burn he suffered during his last grooming was all healed.  She was kind enough to keep him in her home (which was above and beyond standard pet sitting), and Tadpole was very happy with the care he received.  Give her a chance–you’ll like the caliber of service you get with her!”

Diane C


Sadie Mae The Puggle
We found Kristina’s Critter Care by luck and could not be happier.  From the moment we met Kristina I trusted her implicitly and she has been amazing to our Sadie Mae.  She is flexible, easy going and willing to help in any way she can.  She is top notch and really loves all her clients as they are her own.  My pup LOVES her!  
Teddy, Rudy and Corky
IMG_0030 IMG_0223
Kristina is reliable and trustworthy.  I know that our kitty is in good hands when we are away.  She also keeps a close eye on things and lets us know that everything is okay with texts after each visit to our home.  Our dogs love her and are always ready to go when they see her.  I’m so glad Kristina is there for us! Becky Jacobsen